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Quad Cities Linux Users Group Meeting Minutes 9/10/14 6:30 PM Bettendorf Public Library

Gentlemen in attendance include Aaron, Lee, Jim, Kevin, Ryan, Travis

There is some general conversation at the beginning of the evening (over some coffee from Dewey's located just downstairs - I had the Caramel Salted Latte which was delicious). Topics discussed include work-life balance, giving 125%, how to keep your job, the effect of aging in the workplace, the trend for offshoring jobs, definitions of a network, Netopia Vs Cisco, thunderstorms, and retention - among other things.

We were to be graced with the presence of of a Puppet Service Engineer, however after 45 minutes of anxiously awaiting his arrival we were indignantly informed via 3rd party that he had retired to his room for the evening. Once we get his e-mail address we will update this post so our words of disappointment and disgust can be appropriately delivered.

Aaron, Alex, and Travis attended Puppet Camp and LinuxCon in Chicago. There were a plethora of breakout sessions with little time for socialization. Travis shared that his favorite memory of the trip was the second day when they ventured to the Museum of Natural History and Science and were rewarded with free food and beer. Linus Torvalds shared 5 - 7 words as well. The Linux Foundation provides structure, legal services, and assistance in organizing and promoting linux kernel development and all associated activities. They describe themselves as Linus's janitor. The conference is geared towards the professional with highly technical topics. Some additional videos can be found on YouTube []. We previewed a few tantalizing minutes behind the scenes with Linus in his home office, angry tweets, a German discussion the contributions of individuals as opposed to corporations, collaboration, Open Stack,, and almost comprehensible (but not quite entirely audible over our side whispers) discussion between 5 presenters.

Tonight was (supposed to be) Election Night - Below are the Incumbents President: Aaron Vice President: Alex Treasurer: Lee (Retiring from position effective today - remaining with the group) Public Relations: Travis (also in charge of a sub-committee, but wants the Treasurer position instead of the PR role) Webmaster: Mike Secretary: Ryan

An executive decision has been made to hold elections at the next meeting in hopes that more voting members will be present.

Sooner than later we need to set goals for the year as far as PR, things to accomplish, how to increase membership (guerrilla warfare style), et cetera. We need to establish direction - actual topics for meetings, good content, marketing, and consistency. Topics to discuss at the board meeting.

The Board Meeting will take place Wednesday of next week at Icons in Rock Island at 5:30 PM.

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