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QC LUG Meeting Minutes [Wednesday 5/13/15 6:30 PM] [Location: Bettendorf Library]

WELCOME: The Quad Cities Linux Users Group (QC-LUG) is a group of Linux hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts near the Quad Cities (Rock Island and Moline on the Illinois side; Davenport and Bettendorf on the Iowa side) where the Mississippi River runs East to West and Iowa is North of Illinois. Our members share interests in Linux and free or low-cost implementations of Unix, as well as other open software. The group was created to provide support, education, and lively discussions regarding useful applications Linux, alternatives to main-stream operating systems, and technology.

Membership is free and there are various tiers of sponsorship available to perpetuate the cause. To quote the Linux Foundation: “By supporting these… events, your company stands to gain inside knowledge that will help you get the most out of your investment in open source and also gain credibility and mind-share with this opportunity community. Visibility within the open source community is one of the best ways to recruit high level software talent which is essential for competition.”

FACEBOOK REQUESTS: If you'd like something to be posted n Facebook/Twitter please send your request to and it will get posted.

INTRODUCTIONS: There were 8 gentlemen in attendance after some of those folks enjoyed wings prior to the meeting. Miss out? Fear not - we typically post dining arrangements on the mailing list prior to each meeting.

NEW BUSINESS: A high school computer club has several computers running Linux, but they cannot access the web due to school regulations. Jim had questions regarding restricting the Linux computers to just update sites. The group all agreed that is certainly possible, but it requires the approval of the school.

PRESENTATION: Raspberry Pi - A Practical Application

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