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QC LUG Meeting Minutes [Wednesday 1/13/15 6:30 PM] [Location: Bettendorf Library]

WELCOME: The Quad Cities Linux Users Group (QC-LUG) is a group of Linux hobbyists, professionals, and enthusiasts near the Quad Cities (Rock Island and Moline on the Illinois side; Davenport and Bettendorf on the Iowa side) where the Mississippi River runs East to West and Iowa is North of Illiois. Our members share interests in Linux and free or low-cost implementations of Unix, as well as other open software. The group was created to provide support, education, and lively discussions regarding useful applications Linux, alternatives to main-stream operating systems, and technology.

INTRODUCTIONS: Let's go around the room and get to know one another – At the very least, we ask that you introduce yourself with a first name so we can avoid the whole stranger danger scenario. If you've been here a while, tell us how long you've been attending and why you keep coming back. If you're new – do what feels natural.

Today we had 9 gentlemen in attendance. Lee, Jim, Ryan, Brian, Ben, Brad, Travis, Aaron, Chad. There is a varying level of experience and preference on distribution.

BUSINESS: Our server is out of commission at the moment. We are petitioning Ben with the QC CoLab regarding using some space to host our server. He indicates if we can provide a quality rack they will likely be willing to donate some of its space. They share a Mediacom line with Hamilton Tech and note that if we do not have significant power requirements we may be able to do this rent free. However, the unknown variable is the Mediacom line. He is not sure at the moment - he will have to ask someone to open the firewall, therefore ask permission. If this doesn't jive we will need to explore other options for hosting the Wiki. In the meantime, either Brad or Travis will host.

Jim brought up the idea of having only 6 topics a year instead of 12, with presentations every other month at the Library with social meetings at Icons every other month. This may or may not be discussed over drinks next week at the board meeting. The idea was that it could lessen the 'work' of the group, but the argument against involved lack of draw for new people.

PRESENTATION: Brad [a Unix Linux Administrator at a Fortune 500 company in the area] presented on Vagrant, a tool for building complete development environments. You can visit or Wikipedia for additional information. Ben volunteered to use the QC LUG Laptop to follow along with the presentation.

This is more of an 'open-source' topic than specifically a Linux topic. The type of person that would use Vagrant is a web developer or system administrator. DevOps is a mix between development community and operations community - breaks down silos to work together, create synergy, and slowly but surely bring open-source awesomeness to the world. It may not solve world hunger, but then again it might. Think about it. You are welcome to post your thoughts, but be aware we can remove the ones we don't like.

UPCOMING EVENTS OF INTEREST Board Meeting at Icons in Rock Island Wednesday, January 21st at 5:28 PM Regular Meeting at Icons in Rock Island Wednesday, February 11th at 6:27 PM

The Introduction to Linux course is available on

Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in Santa Rosa, CA February 18th - 20th

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