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QCLUG Linux Tech Showcase 2014

Proposed Locations

  • QC Co-Lab if it were an outside event, the overhang could offer shelter for equipment should it rain. Could also grill hot dogs and such. Could have it in conjunction with QC Co-Lab, and Ham Radio enthusiasts. Of course we would need to see what the QC Co-Lab and Hamilton Tech's take on this.

Proposed Dates and Times

  • Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. somewhere between May and September.

Proposed Volunteers

  • Brian Dietz with potential necessary equipment (tables, ice barrels for beverages, plug strips, generator, networking) from Graybar down the street from QC Co-Lab. Additionally, donated PCs from my personal stash (I will try and catalog what I have)

Proposed Donated Equipment List

  • TBD

Proposed PR

  • Announce via check it out.
  • BestBuy (geeksquad dept)
  • Staples (similar geeksquad dept)
  • Post to the other Iowa and Illinois LUGS
  • Facebook

Proposed Invite Content

  • “Why upgrade to WIN8? Why not try Linux?…Come to the Installfest”

Proposed Themes

  • Try and have from each end of the spectrum a high end Steam gaming machine to draw in the gamers to the oldest machine we can get usable on Linux.

Equipment needed for Tech Showcase

* Everyone bring what they want:

  • OS media
  • computers to build on
  • keyboards, mice, monitors

* Call Icons to see if they have tables

* Specific items that will be brought:

  • Travis
    • 2 computers and two switches, LCD screen
  • Aaron
    • 3 extension cords, 3 power strips
    • 1 desktop computer and monitor
  • Brian
    • Linux CDs/DVDs
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