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River Center event - QC-CoLab - July 18th 8:00 - 5:00

  1. Have a distro showcase where people can test Linux Distros
  2. Elementary
  3. Ubuntu
  4. Puppy
  5. OpenSuse
  6. Fedora
  7. SteamOS?
  1. The July meeting will be dedicated to a dry run of the event (will be at Bettendorf Library)
  1. We could potentially share a presentation during the event, make them 30 minutes instead of an hour
  1. Our flyer needs to be finished so we can hand them out to encourage people to come to the LUG
    1. if finished we could have t-shirts for the raffel
    2. We need to add upcomming events to the flyer
    3. Tom will do the flyer in Scribus!
  1. We would have a raffel, they would sign up on the computer and join the mailing list
  2. $1 per ticket
  3. Then we would select the winners and contact via email
  4. We could raffel Tom's laptops
  5. Raspberry Pi
  6. People would buy a ticket per item, each ticket (or entry in the computer) would go in the bucket for each item so you would buy a ticket for how ever many items you are interested in.
  1. We need to follow up with Ben to check on the following items
  2. Extension cords
  3. Tables
  4. Chairs
  5. Room for a projector to do presentations on
  6. A projector screen
  7. Any issues with a raffel
  8. Wifi?
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