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At the beginning of the lug we started the meeting off in the bar area. This turned out to be way to loud sd we moved to the back room that we usually use for the QCLUG. Its 55 degrees outside and its partly cloudy today, so an indoor meeting for the lug is probably a good idea.

Michael Brennan gave admin access to Travis Vaske, Aaron Johnson, Aaron explained that google authentication to the and Also we talked about setting up google authentication via ssh to the linux server that is hosting blog and wiki. We talked about having a shared password sheet for all the accounts that have anything to do with the lug. I spent some time trying to get the facebook account working after members of the lug think they remember what the date was. Aaron explained to the board members how to use the WIKI and what the purpose of the WIKI was for the group.

Next month at the library we want to talk about “Mock build fest” Which will be the Topic for the June meeting. Items discussed for the “Mock build fest” were: Bring in all old hardware you have laying around at home. or any new hardware that you want to play with Instead of calling it a “Build Fest” we think it would be more attractive to call it “LUG Tech Showcase” Can Tom bring in the 25 Laptops that he has for the Mock Build Fest? Discuss Power Cord, Monitors, and other equipment required for the build fest. Bring large I7 computer with nice graphics card to show off Linux Graphics and Steam gaming.

Aaron has a resource that will provide us with a server that has some good specs on it. He is talking about giving the server to the hosting company that we are currently using (Ultruhost) So that we could have more resources for blog and wiki.

Aaron changed the upload limit to the Blog and the WIKI so that you can upload 2GB of data now. Aaron gave some lession about how to do account approvals in the Blog and the WIKI

Travis's fiance has a camera that Travis says is his now and it might even have bluetooth support for audio…

Brian had a suggestion that we should discuss various options for A/V recording of QCLUG presentations during the next LUG meeting. We should compare A/V software options for recording and editing on Linux. Anyone who came to the board meeting as well as anyone who reads this should plan on bringing any A/V equipment to the next QCLUG meeting to see what we can come up with for a A/V solution. This would be done in conjunction with Travis's Linux from Scratch presentation if there is time.

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