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  • Discuss hosting a QCLUG convention (Travis's idea)

We need to figure out how to embed a form for feedback and make it look right. Silly formatting.

It'd be nice to have a wiki backup script.

It's essential to have backup topics in case someone bails out on a presentation. Commands could be alight.

We need a flyer. We've got a guy that we're meeting with real soon. It will be legit.

There needs to be a public / private partnership. We could definitely benefit from that. Funding, membership, ideas, world domination - whatever.

Perhaps an RSS feed or IRC channel?

Board members could meet another LUG halfway or conference in to see what works.

Should we start accepting donations? PayPal? Bank Account? Do we need to be a non-profit? Maybe we need help from an outside source that is Linux friendly.

Tom has volunteered to be the new-new webmaster. The group present (5 voting members) took a vote and the results were unanimous. It is happening. He is in. He is ready. He/we would like to turn the Wiki into the website. There is significant discussion regarding WordPress vs. making the Wiki the website. Tom is going to do some research, kick ass, and take names (as needed). Just call him Chuck Norris.

Ryan is supposed to replicate his USB for Puppy Linux.

Aaron is going to make the wiki post to the mailing list with via RSS

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