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Dan, Brian, Ryan, Aaron, Travis, Emadul

  • Dan is going to contact the owner's email address to invite him to the QCLUG
  • We are hopeful that he will join the meetings and possibly design a logo for use on a PDF flyer
  • Next meeting Aaron will present Openshift/Heroku/AWS cloud hosting which will include a presentation on how to migrate the existing Dokuwiki instance to Openshift
  • After the next meeting will be hosted on Openshift :)
  • Emadul is the new web master so he has been given Owner rights on the Google site as well as admin rights to the wiki.
  • The QCLUG laptop needs a new CPU (needs Intel VT-D extensions) which will cost $50~$60.
    • Everyone from the board meeting will bring $10 to the next meeting to help pay for the new CPU
  • Ryan is going to investigate adding a forum to the homepage to help encourage people to choose a topic each month
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