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January board meeting notes:

* pass around screen cast mic with laptop for presenter each month. * travis will present on docker during the February meeting

* will move for cheap renewals and more flexible DNS hosting

* * it will have it's own account instead of a share account on godaddy (mike b.)

* * Move to a raspberry Pi and host from Brian's internet connection who has a static IP

* * * We will send notes on how to set up the wiki on the Pi to Brian

* * * Also we voted Raspbian for the distro on the Pi

* * We will host the site temporarily from Travis's connection

* * a cron can be set up on the Pi to update DNS in-case the Pi moves to a dynamic IP internet connection in the future.

* a projector has been choosen and ordered!

* We decided that we can try a Distro Meeting dedicated to Icons every other month (due to Jim's suggestion)

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